Hennessy Ellipse

Hennesy Ellipse

An inspired blend of seven exceptional eaux-de-vie selected by the seven master blenders who have made the very history of Hennessy.

Cognac Hennesy Ellipse

History - Since 1800, each of the seven successive Hennessy master blenders has descended from the same Fillioux family. In turn, each has carefully noted the most exceptional eaux-de-vie selected from his prized tasting notebook. These seven eaux-de-vie and the Hennessy tradition of excellence have given rise to Hennessy ellipse, a superb cognac with subtle, balanced aromas, that Gilles Hennessy has chosen to offer to devotees of rare cognacs.

“When you have tasted a great many cognacs, you come to know that what distinguishes a quality eaux-de-vie from truly exceptional eaux-devie is elegance. Hennessy ellipse is the embodiment of this elegance. This is an outstanding cognac with wonderful balance and lightness. The 19th century eaux-de-vie which feature in the composition lend ‘antique’ nuances of great delicacy and perfectly complement the fresh qualities of the 20th century eaux-de-vie. In the same way that a historic town builds its character and beauty through the contributions of successive generations, Hennessy Ellipse is the harmonious blend of the very best we have selected over the centuries.”

Yann Fillioux Current Hennessy master blender Tasting notes - Hennessy ellipse is slightly higher in alcohol than most other cognacs (43.5% by volume compared to the usual 40%), which makes for a certain liveliness that reveals its subtle nuances. Colour : golden, luminous, delightfully bright. Aromas : a delicate, well-balanced bouquet with notes of crystallised fruits, wild roses and the renowned rancio of very old cognac.

On the palate : the perfect combination of age and elegance. A fine blend of subtle qualities : the aromas intermingle and none is overdominant. Excellent long finish.

The Hennessy Ellipse decanter is like a jewel case for the finest of jewels. It was specially designed for Hennessy by Thomas Bastide, designer at the prestigious Baccarat crystalware company. Each hand-made piece has been carefully fashioned by master craftsmen and individually numbered at Hennessy.

Hennessy Ellipse

Hennessy Ellipse

Hennessy Ellipse

Since 1800, seven generations of master blenders from the Fillioux family have succeeded to one another. They each had selected “the best” eaux-de-vie they ever had to work with during their life time. Ellipse is the result of the blend of those eaux-de-vie. Exclusively for real amateurs of rare cognacs!

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