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Chivas Royal Salute 62 Gun of Salute

Chivas Royal Salute 62 Gun of Salute

A limited edition ultra-premium blend from Pernod Ricard, topping their Royal Salute range and named for the 62 gun salute fired for royal anniversaries. The whiskies used to make the blend are aged for at least 40 years and it is packaged in an elegant blue decanter, painted and inlaid with 24-carat gold, and comes in a blue case complete with a book describing the creation of the blend.

700 ml - € 2 950,00

Chivas Royal Salute 38 ans

Chivas Royal Salute 38 years

Royal Salute 38 Years Old Stone of Destiny is named for the ancient symbol of the Scottish nobility that has been placed under the royal throne for every coronation since time immemorial. It is the pinnacle of the Royal Salute range, with embracing cedar-wood and crushed almond characters, with a fine sherried oakiness.

700 ml - € 614,29

Chivas 25 ans

Chivas Royal Salute 21 years Old - The Diamond Tribute

Royal Salute's 21 year old 'The Diamond Tribute' was launched in June 2013, to coincide with The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, as a permanent new expression of Chivas's prestige blended whisky brand. Nose: Enticing fruity aromas of sweet orange and peach are followed by notes of marzipan and nuts. Palette: Hints of rich milk chocolate orange, and a fondant creaminess. Finish: Smooth, rounded and luxuriously long finish.

700 ml - € 278,57

Chivas Royal Salute

Chivas Royal Salute 21 years Old

Chivas Royal salute. Appearance : deep and golden amber. Nose : Elegant sweet pear and citrus fruit aromas are balanced with a sweet vanilla oakiness and enhanced with notes of sherry. Taste : A rich depth of sumptuous fruits and spices develop into a warm nutty oakiness with hints of masculine smokiness.

700 ml - € 182,86

Maccallan Ruby

Maccallan Ruby

Nose : Disturbed from a long sleep in a dark and quiet warehouse, European oak piques the nose before reluctantly admitting rich, dried fruits and an edgy trickle of treacle. A hesitant sweetness enters, then oak reasserts itself, burnished and mature.

700 ml - € 212,00

Maccallan Sienna

Maccallan Sienna

Nose : Opens with a subtle vanilla nose, persistent yet not overpowering. Orange elbows its way in, turning zesty and sharp, though tempering green apples add freshness and balance. Next come white chocolate truffles, chewy, sumptuous, with elegant oak notes for a digestif.

700 ml - € 95,38

Maccallan Amber

Maccallan Amber

Nose : Polite, almost apologetic at first, with a floral, citrus sweet nose that gains presence, commanding a chorus of vanilla notes over freshly harvested grain. Raisin, sultana and cinnamon look on as toffee apples and candy floss step into the limelight.

700 ml - € 63,20


Glenfarclas Highland Malt 1954 - Plain Butt 700 ml € 7 011,43
Glenfarclas Highland Malt 1955 - Sherry Butt 700 ml € 6 711,43
Glenfarclas Highland Malt 1957 - Sherry Hogshead 700 ml € 5 864,29
Glenfarclas Highland Malt 1960 - Sherry Hogshead 700 ml € 3 985,71
Glenfarclas Highland Malt 1961 - Sherry Hogshead 700 ml € 4 371,43
Glenfarclas Highland Malt 1962 - Sherry Hogshead 700 ml € 2 707,14
Glenfarclas Highland Malt 1963 - Sherry Hogshead 700 ml € 4 571,43
Glenfarclas Highland Malt 1967 - Sherry Hogshead 700 ml € 1 785,71
Glenfarclas Highland Malt 1968 - Sherry Butt 700 ml € 2 500,00
Glenfarclas Highland Malt 1969 - Sherry Hogshead 700 ml € 1 442,86
Glenfarclas Highland Malt 1971 - Sherry Butt 700 ml € 1 047,14
Glenfarclas Highland Malt 1973 - Sherry Hogshead 700 ml € 751,43


"Sherry Cask" 2016 Edition 700 ml On request
"18 years" Limited Edition 700 ml On request
"12 years" Limited Edition 700 ml On request

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