Terms & Conditions of Sales "World Wine Services"

PS :

The information and prices contained in the following price list are valid for most of the year 2011; please note they are subject to change without prior notice due to market fluctuations (Especially BORDEAUX). We will inform you at the time of order if any such increases have taken place of course.

How to order ? :

Simply call a sale representative from the contacts on the home page of the language of your choice.

Prices :

All prices quoted are in €uro, and exclusive of french VAT(20%).

Delivery :

When possible, we would ask you to allow 48 hours to process your order and organize the delivery but we will of course, make every attempt to deliver emergency orders at shorter notice.

Delivery Charges :

We offer free delivery to all ports between Mandelieu to Imperia for a minimum order of 1500,00 € ex Vat.

Payment :

Payment in full is due upon reception of goods - Cash, chequesdrawn on a French or Monegasque bank account, and Credit cards (with 4% surcharge for American Express) are equally acceptable.

Orders for special items are sometimes not in stock, particularly Bordeaux Grands Crus and may be subject to a 50% advance payment of the order value.

Ownership of Goods :

All goods remain our property until full payment is received.

Tax Free Sales


Commercial Yachts, Tax free deliveries :

Tax Free deliveries can be made to Yachts if they are able to meet the following French Customs requirements: DA 04-048 (BOD n°6603).

• The Vessel must be commercially registered and provide the relevant documentation.
• The Vessel has a valid charter contract that coincides with the delivery date.
• The Vessel must provide a complete crew list.

(Tax free goods must be consumed by the passengers and crew during the period of Charter, and remaining goods can only be disembarked once tax due has been paid. Under the tax Free conditions, ,it is specifically forbidden to deliver goods destined for static charters or receptions which will take place alongside, even if the Yacht is commercially registered, as this is not tolerated by French customs).


Private Jet, Tax free deliveries :

Tax Free deliveries can be made to Private Jets if they are able to meet the following requirements :

• Your flight destination must be outside the EU.
• Your flight must be direct, no stop overs permitted !
• Your Captain must provide us with the tail number and the contact of your Handing Agency Ashore.


Deliveries for Villas, Private Estates and Events :

Villas & Private Estate have access to all our services without conditions :

• All deliveries within France are subject to french VAT(20%).

Procedure for Tax Free delivery :

Tax Free Deliveries can only take place during Custom office opening hours from Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Customs reserve the right to inspect the goods before or during tax free delivery !

We require 24 working hours notice to carry out Tax free deliveries, as the relevant Export Declaration must be prepared, and customs notified of the imminent delivery !

Yachts requesting Tax free Deliveries will need to provide us with :

• A copy of the Ship’s papers clearly indicating that the Vessel is commercially registered !

• A copy of a valid Charter Contract (Certain customs office may also request a copy of the passenger list).

NB: Customs Authorities expect the quantities of Tax Free goods delivered in relation to a particular charter to be coherent with the number of guests and crew on board , the duration of the charter, and type of events taking place on board of the Vessel.

• A Yacht has 48 hours to leave the port following embarkation of tax free goods Tax free sales cannot be made retrospectively.