Presentation of wines of the island of Saint Honorat

Abbaye de Lerins - Saint Honorat
The island of Lerins - Saint Honorat

The monks of the Abbey of Lerins grow eight hectares of wines with the best grapes compounds on the island of Saint Honorat off Cannes.

These great wines produced by the work of the monks have reputations that transcend borders.

The wines from the abbey of Lerins are produced from a rigorous selection of the best grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Mourvèdre.

The careful work of the monks allows the production of three great vintages: St Salonius, St Lambert, St.Césaire who are recognized by famous chefs as one the best and finest French wines.

The vineyard
The vineyard, located in the central part of the island, is made up of eight hectares: four hectares are devoted to the production of red wine and four to white wine. The clay and limestone soil, which is silt-laden and sandy, is particularly rich in organic plant matter. The effect of the nearby sea also adds to the singularity of the wine and helps develop its typical characteristics.

The vineyard
The grapes are cared for and harvested each year by the monks. Brother Marie, who has followed a course in of oenology at the agricultural school of Hyères, supervises the production, with the help of the oenologist Jean Michel Novelle and advice from Eric Verdier and Jean Lenoir. All processes (pruning, removal of unwanted buds and grape harvesting) are carried out by hand. Machinery is used only for the maintenance of the soil quality and for treatments. To preserve this exceptional terroir, as well as the unique flora and fauna, the brothers use regulated photosanitary treatments.

Wines of the island of Saint Honorat


Domaine de l’Abbaye de Lerins
"Cuvée Saint Pierre" 2011/13 € 22,73 HT - € 22,73 TTC
"Cuvée Saint Césaire" Chardonnay 2010/13 € 45,65 HT - € 45,65 TTC
"Cuvée Saint Cyprien" 2011/14 € 112,03 HT - € 112,00 TTC


Domaine de l’Abbaye de Lerins
Cuvée Saint Honorat 2012 € 29.18 HT - € 29,00 TTC
Cuvée Saint Sauveur 2012 € 39.21 HT - € 39,00 TTC
Cuvée Saint Lambert Mourvèdre 2011 € 116.22 HT - € 116,00 TTC
Cuvée Saint Salonius 2009 € 138,95 HT - € 138,00 TTC