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World Wine Services is proud to present "The Cuvée 01", Grand Cru Champagne.

Of the 320 villages in Champagne, only 17 hold the title, or appellation, "Grand Cru". These villages cultivate their vineyards in an artisanal manner, employing ancestral methods. Among these, only the best-fitting and most noble ones were chosen for the final assemblage of this Champagne.

Hand selection of grapes at a Grand Cru vineyard

The bottled Cuvée 01 in one of the Grand Cru sites

The Art Of Assemblage

By choosing an assemblage using a series of vintages from 2013, 2014 and 2015 allowed for the winemakers to explore new frontiers in the use of different maturities of grapes in Champagne.

The art of assembling reserve wines is founded on finding the perfect balance between maturity and youth. This balance is the keystone of our wine's structure. From these audacious selections was born the Comtesse style.

At every stage of this wine's creation, meticulous choices were made to guarantee absolute quality in the final product.

A Limited Series Champagne

The production for "The Cuvée 01" was deliberately limited to a volume of 12,600 bottles, thus creating a limited series Champagne. Each bottle of this batch is numbered.

Limiting the volume of production allowed the team to maintain a true respect of traditions, while ensuring that only the very best Champagne imaginable made it to bottling.

This first collection is a wonderful journey through the Comtesse's universe and the history of the Champagne region. A true expression of tradition, obsession and passion.

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