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Popular alcoholic drinks for your upcoming yacht charter

Wi ...


The 12 Best Wines & Spirits Gifts For Christmas

Choosing a luxury gift for someone can be a nerve-wracking experience. Howeve ...


The Most Common Questions Asked About Wine

At World Wine Servic ...


The Best Tequilas In The World of Yachting

Tequila is often regarded as an inexpensive choice of liquor. However, some t ...


The Ultimate Guide To Vintage Whiskeys

What does ageing whiskey do?

The process of ageing alcohol is designe ...


How To Make The Perfect Mulled Wine

Mulled wine originated in the 2nd century. It was created by the Romans who w ...


Exclusives - Comtesse De Cérhès

World Wine Services is proud to present "The Cuvée 01", Grand Cru Champagne. ...


Pre-Crossing Wine Preparations - Winter Wines

If you are heading to warmer waters this winter then I am sure you have a to- ...


Winter Wine Check-List

If you are bunkering down and preparing your boat for a few months of Winter ...


Storage & Service Temperatures

Whenever you read about 'ideal' storage conditions for wine they always start ...


When Should I Decant A Bottle Of Wine?

Decanting a bottle of wine, regardless of its size, serves two main purposes: ...


How Do I Decant A Bottle Of Wine?

Decanting a bottle of wine may seem daunting at first but, with a little conf ...


Onboard Wine Storage & Humidity

Humidity, in simple terms, is the concentration of water vapour in the air in ...

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