Winter Wine Check-List


If you are bunkering down and preparing your boat for a few months of Winter hibernation, it is the perfect time to do a quick check and organisation of your wine storage areas.

Not only will you be safe in the knowledge that the remaining wine stocks are well packed away but you will also be one step ahead and fully prepared to restock when your next trips come looming in to view!

Follow our quick and easy check-list to get organised the WWS way:

1.      Check the condition of your wine storage areas – are they still adequate and suitable for the styles and value of the wines currently in storage

2.      Deep clean the storage areas and pay special attention to any signs of mould or damp – humidity problems can often be fixed very simply if caught early enough

3.      Create an up-to-date inventory of your current wine stocks

4.      If you have “older” vintages of rosé wines (not including “Les Clans” or “Garrus”) or lighter white wines, check that they will still be in good condition by the time you next expect to serve them – pouring a glass of flat, tasteless rosé on the Boss’ first trip of the season is not a great way to kick start the Summer!

5.      Any wines that will not be in peak condition should be removed from the principal storage area to avoid accidentally serving them – if you are unsure about what to do with these bottles, Chef’s are usually delighted to be offered a nice stock of cooking wine and Crew fridges often work like mini Bermuda Triangles over Winter, with unwanted wines disappearing almost instantly!

6.      Looking through your consumption notes from the Season just gone, identify the most requested wines and firm favourites – these are wines that you should prioritise in your storage areas, making sure that you have space to hold multiple bottles in an easily accessible location

7.      Any bottles with special significance, old vintages of red wines & Champagnes as well as bottles with a higher price tag should be kept in the best storage conditions available to ensure that they remain in peak condition – see our storage & service guide on Sommelier Secrets for more information

Now that you’ve "Marie Kondo’d" your wine fridge, sit down and pour yourself a well earned glass - cheers!

Stuart Lancaster

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